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Problem Solving for Better Health in Lithuania

Summary of Year 2003 Grants



Project: “Social Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill”

Project need: During their hospitalization, mentally ill patients receive medical treatment as well as having a chance to socialize with other people. After their hospitalization, these former patients return home, and often feel lonely and isolated from the society.

Project goal: To reduce re-hospitalization cases for the mentally ill caused by their self-isolation. A room will be provided where these people could come during the day and spend their time according to their interests, and share these interests with others. Also, numerous trips to natural surroundings are being planned.

(Shirvintos Mental Health Center; Central Lithuania)



Project: "Prevention of Non-Infectious Diseases"

Project Need: There is a lack of information on prevention of non-infectious diseases (cardiovascular, Alzheimers, Parkinson's, etc.) and providing first aid among volunteers of Kaunas' Center of Nursing Care.  

Goal of the project:To conduct an educational program for 30 volunteers, so with better knowledge they can help the elderly and people of risk groups who attend the center in Kaunas. (Center of Volunteer Nursing Care and Solace, Kaunas)


Project: “Changing of Negative Attitudes toward Mentally Disadvantaged”

Project need: Education about psychological health is a new topic in Lithuania. For years, psychological disorders have been considered very differently from other health problems. The lack of information leads to a negative approach toward people with psychological problems.

Project goal: To change negative approaches to such psychological problems as depression. A series of lectures will be conductred for community members, and for potential employers in particular. This will help people to learn about this disorder, and to abandon stereotypes related to it.

(Mental Health Center, Jonishkis; Northern Lithuania)


Project: “Program of Prophylaxis and Dental Care”

Project need: The process of tooth decay starts at an early age. Decay not only causes dental problems, but also may cause general health problems as the child is growing.

Project goal: To conduct extensive educational prophylaxis and dental care prlgrams for 100 children of grades 4 - 7, during one school year, in order to prevent tooth decay processes among these schoolschildren.

(M.Mazvydas' Secondary School, Vilnius)



Project: “Correct Posture - the Basic of Good Health”

Project need: For 30% of Moletai Gymnasium schoolchildren, bad posture is being diagnosed. Students do not have information about scoliosis prevention.

Project goal: To reduce the number of sciolosis cases and improve posture of Gymnasium students by conducting a program of physical exercises and kinesitherapy in the school and at home.

(Moletai Gymnasium; Eastern Lithuania)


Project:  “Solutions to Flat-Footedness Problems for Primary School Children”

Project need: Flat-footedness is spreading among children because their parents are not aware of it, and lack information about long-term problems caused by flat-feet.

Goal of the project:To reduce cases of flat-footedness among children ages 7 - 8 years old, by conducting an educational and preventative program for parents and children.      

("Ausra" Gymnasium and Out-patient clinic of Jonishkis; Northern Lithuania)  



Project:  “Improvement of Social Services for the Disabled”

Project need: There is a lack of social services for the disabled in Kaunas. The Association of Paraplegics of Lithuania has contacts with people who could provide such services, but they do not have appropriate skills and knowledge.

Goal of the project:To increase the number of social services for the disabled, and to improve their quality by conducting an educational program for social workers and disabled who can help themselves and others.

(Association of Paraplegics of Lithuania; Kaunas)


Project: “Monitoring of the Impact of Kairiai Landfill on Human Health and Social Environment”

Project need: There are no data available on the impact of the Municipal landfill, which has been in operation since 1960.

Project goal: To identify human health and social problems related to the landfill's long-term impact, in order to present collected data to the local government, so it can make decisions about the improvement of health and social environment of this area.

(Shiauliai Public Health Center; Northern Lithuania)



Project:  “Prevention of Skin Wounding Cases Among In-home Patients”

Project need: During the implementation of the project "Nursing Care at Home", which serves oncological and neuromotor patients, doctors and volunteers noticed that patients and their family members lacked information on how to prevent skin wounding.

Goal of the project: to educate patients and family members on proper use of hygiene supplies in order to improve their personal hygiene, and reduce skin wounding cases among in-home patients.

(Lithuanian "Caritas"; Kaunas)


Project: “Development of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program”

Project need: Lithuanian "Caritas" is implementing a social rehabilitation program aimed to help people with minor mental disorders.

Goal of the project:This particular project aims to involve family members and friends of such people, so that together they cam overcome these diseases. 

(Lithuanian "Caritas"; Kaunas) 



Project: “Initiation of Multi-disciplinary Group Activities in Order to Help Violated Chiildren and Families”

Project need: Investigation of violence cases against children in Lithuania is a long process: sometimes it takes up to two years. One of the reasons for such a long process time is lack of coordinated activities and lack of cooperation between institutions responsible for the investigation.

Project goal: To conduct educational programs about the need for effective cooperation for the specialists of Marijampole region, in order to provide better quiality and more prompt support for the child and the family.

(NGO "Child's Home", Vilnius)


Project: “Providing Dialysis Patients with Information on Proper Nutrition”

Project need: Improper nutrition of dialysis patients leads to the deterioration of the biochemical composition of their blood. It inccreases uremia and toxicosis and the progress of kidney diseases; also, too large quantitites of potassium can cause death.

Project goal: To produce printed materials on proper nutrition for dialysis patients, so that they can learn how to eat properly and avoid nutrition-related health complications.

(Association of Nephrology Patients "Gyvastis"; Vilnius)



Project: “Nursing Care Program for Disabled and Lonely Elderly People”

Project need: A large number of people in Ukmerge town are lonely. Besides their health problems, they have psychological problems that are caused by their limited possibilities of communication with other people.

Project goal: To provide elderly and lonely people with the possibility to meet each other and communicate with other community members. Positive emotions are crucial for spiritual and bodily health.

(Society of Good Samaritans; Ukmerge)



Project: “Establishing of Social Club”

Project need: Vilkija Out-Patient Clinic servees about 8,000 patients from different villages. Because of the lack of public transportation, some patients spend 3 - 4 hours waiting in the Clinic. This creates tention between other patients and medical staff.

Project goal: To establish a social club on the premises of the Clinic. Patients in the club could read the literature, watch video films on health issues, discuss their concerns with other patients and with the medical staff. This would help to keep them busy while waiting for the doctors' appointment or for the bus.

(Vilkija Out-Patient Clinic, Kaunas region)


Project: “Psychological Tests in 3 Secondary Schools in Jonishkis”

Project need: Every year in Lithuania, 50 - 60 young people (ages 10 - 19) commit suicide. The psychological structure of young people is often very fragile. A number of psychological problems would decrease if young people were provided with the possibilities to recognize these problems, and would learn how to overcome stress.

Project goal: To conduct tests for 15-18 year old school children in three schools of Jonishkis town, in order to identify concrete psychological health problems and provide them with needed support.

(Jonishkis Mental Health Center; Northern Lithuania)


Project: “Establishing an Art Therapy Group for the Mentally Ill”

Project need: About 10% of the population of Lithuania has been diagnosed with some kind of psychological disorders (from depression to schizophrenia). Hospitalized patients have access to art therapy, which is very effective for their treatment and rehabilitation. But after hospitalization, people do not have an opportunity to attend art therapy classes.

Project goal: To establish an art therapy group in order to improve the health of the people and provide them with additional opportunities for social integration.

(Center of Social and Psychological Services; Vilnius)


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