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Problem Solving for Better Health in Lithuania

Summary of Year 2002 Grants



Project: “Monitoring of Playgrounds of Vilnius’ Kindergartens in Order to Identify Pollution by Cancerous Substances.”

There is no data available on contamination by cancerous substances in Vilnius’ kindergartens’ playgrounds. Goal of the project: to monitor 40 playgrounds in Vilnius, in the areas where the industry facilities are located in order to find out the level of pollution in the selected kindergartens’ playgrounds.

Funding is needed to pay for chemical analysis of tested ground by nuclear absorber.

(VilniusTechnical University)



Project: “Cleaning the Sites of Chemical Storehouses.”

In the town of Dukiskis there are decrepit storehouses that were used by the Soviets to store chemicals. Communities of people live near these storehouses; they see and smell chemicals every day. 

Goal of the project: To identify chemicals, evaluate level of environmental pollution and clean up the sites, taking into consideration specifics of soil and water pollution.

(Dukiskis Town community; Southern Lithuania)  



Project:  “Decreasing the Level of Self-isolation for the Disabled.”

Goal of the project: To help the disabled to overcome their lack of self-confidence and isolation they experience because of their disability. 20 people from different regions of Lithuania will be selected and invited to the 10-day camp where psychologists, hair stylists, make-up specialists, and tailors will work with these people to change their negative “Me” attitude into a positive “Me” attitude. This approach will help the disabled to establish a new self image and henceforth, become more self confident. (Association of persons with spinal injuries of Lithuania)



Project: “Program of Social Help for Elderly and Lonely People Living in Bukonys Village.”

Project goal: To start a social program for the elderly lonely people living in the remote areas in Bukonys region.  20 elderly (65 year old and older) will be visited during one year period  once a week by  2 nursing care specialists, social workers and 2 volunteers. They will deliver food, needed hygiene supplies and supplies for the home, collect laundry, and help clean the home, and deliver newspapers. Once a month, a doctor will visit these lonely people. In addition, once a month transportation provided so that the people may visit the town church, library, and community center.  

(Bukonys Municipality; South-East of Lithuania) 



Project: “Improving Leisure Time for People with Addictions.”

Project goal: To help toxicology unit patients make their leisure time more interesting, and protect them from the street influences while they are hospitalized. Funding is needed to purchase table games so hospitalized patients, (they spend about 7 days in the hospital), can play the games during evenings and resist temptation to escape the hospital to find drugs.

(VilniusEmergency Hospital)



Project: “Educational Program for Parents Who Have Children Suffering From Onco-Hematological Diseases.”

Goal of the project: To reduce the level of tension and fear among parents by    conducting a series of lectures so they become more familiar with onco-hematological diseases, causes and procedures applied to their children in Hospital. And teach them how to care for and treat their ill children.      

(Vilnius’ Children’s Hospital)  



Project:  Dialysis School: “Let’s Learn to Live with the Illness.”

Goal of the project: To teach dialysis patients of the life style, and eating habits that are appropriate to them. To increase the effectiveness of dialysis procedures and reduce patients’ pain while they are waiting for the donor kidney.  Patients’ knowledge would also make kidney transplant operation more successful. 

(Society of kidney patients, Siauliai (Northern Lithuania)



Project:  “Organ Donors – Hope to Live.”

Goal of the project: To provide more information about being an organ donor, and convince more people to express their good will and complete donor cards. 100 volunteers from different regions of the country will be involved in this project. They will distribute information about how to become a donor, why it is important, and how to complete a donor card in different hospitals and medical institutions of Lithuania.  Encouraging people to become organ donors will save more lives.

(Association of kidney patients, Vilnius)



Project: “Educational Program for Teachers About Violence Against Children.”

Goal of the project: To inform teachers about ways to identify such children, and explain the importance of such help. Teachers aware of this problem will know what institution to apply to in order to protect the child. Teachers could become a starting point for the children to reduce the risks of violation against them. 

(Psychiatric Hospital, Sirvintos; Central Lithuania) 



Project:  “Physical Exercises for People with Mental Disabilities.”

It is well known that mental patients’ health improves if they have an opportunity to spend their time while in hospital by being physically active. 

Goal of the project: To help mentally disabled patients to cope with their disease by providing them with an opportunity for sports. 58 per cent of hospitalized patients expressed their interest in active sports. Funding is needed to purchase in-doors and out-doors sports equipment.    

(Vilnius’ Mental Hospital)


Project: “Improvement of the Quality of Drinking Water for Pregnant Women.”

Goal of the project: In the recent past, there were several cases, in this region, of children poisoned because of the high level of nitrates in their homes well water. Project aims to organize monitoring of well water for the pregnant woman in order to identify pollution level and to protect women and babies’ health.    

(Kaisiadorys Public Health Center, Kaunas’ region). 

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