Organic and Local Agriculture

Ecologically sound agriculture is one of the keys to sustainable development; a high quality food supply requires attention to renewable resources, knowledge of the ecosystem, and public awareness of the significance of healthy food choices. The Vermont organic agricultural sector is a continual source of information, questions and inspiration for ECOLOGIA's work. When opportunities arise, we welcome the chance to partner with this sector.

ECOLOGIA's Randy Kritkausky meets entrepreneurs from Lithuania's agricultural small business sector, while consulting for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Summer 2006. "Kulinarijos Paveldo Fondas" certification indicates that this honey beer is an artisan quality traditional product.

In South Korea, the Hwan-Hee Korean Organic Farm network is comprised of 26 family-run smallholder farms. They produce and market high quality organic apples, persimmons, pears, rice, and vegetables. This is part of South Korea's efforts to develop its healthy, ecologically friendly agricultural sector.

ECOLOGIA's Carolyn Schmidt toured southwestern Korea for five days in October 2006, meeting with members of the Hwan-Hee network and discussing the growth and future prospects of this high-end organic network.